Everything You Want To Know About Visiting Kuala Lumpur

No visit to Malaysia is complete until you have spent some days and nights in the capital city of the country, i.e. Kuala Lumpur. It is a place that’s a mix of cultures like Indian, Chinese, Malay and western which further creates a combination of food, shopping and nightlife. Although the city is more expensive than other places in Malaysia, you will definitely love it and make sure you enjoy the delicious Indian food which is probably the best in the world, outside India itself. Here is a brief about everything that you must know while visiting Kuala Lumpur.

Things to see and do in Kuala Lumpur

  • Petronas Tower

The Petronas Tower is a towering figure at 451m height and easily dominates the skyline of the city. At levels 41 and 42, the towers are joined by a bridge and people can enjoy the view from the deck. You need to get your hands on the ticket as early as you can as there is limited number of entries.                                                                                                           

  • Visit the butterfly park

With an enormous landscape garden, it is a home to over 5 thousand butterflies, ferns, plants and flowers. The Butterfly Park is a popular attraction to the tourists who to visit the place to see the insect museum as well.

  • Explore the Islamic Arts Museum

The Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia has an exhibition of over 7000 artefacts and has a huge collection of Islamic texts and art. The museum has the largest scale model of Masjid al-haram in Mecca.

  • Visit Sri Maha Mariamman

Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple is situated just at the edge of the Chinatown and was built way back in 1873. It is in fact the oldest temple in the country and most beautifully decorated as well. The gate towers depict the figures of Hindu Gods and are one of the most impressive features of the temple.

  •  Get inside the Batu Caves

You need to climb 272 steps in order to see the huge golden statue of Murugan and the same is the entrance to the largest caves amongst the three. Enter the Cathedral Cave and be amazed by its 100m high ceiling and complex Hindu shrine. The admission to the cave is free.

Typical Costs while touring Kuala Lumpur

Price of the hostels – the cost of a dorm room is typically between 20-45 MYR. A private room in the same would up to 40-60 MYR per night though. The services of free breakfast and Wi-Fi are usually common along with the AC. You can check at Agoda for better rates.

The price of a budget hotel – If you are looking for a budget hotel room with double bed, free breakfast and Wi-Fi, it would cost you around 55 MYR. A hotel with a pool service as well, you need to shell out at least 100 MYR. If you go for high-end brand name hotels, expect to pay at least 225 MYR per night. Get best deals on hotel at Hotels.com.

Average cost of food – The cost of street food is usually under 10 MYR for a dish. Local food in the restaurants will cost somewhere in between 5-15 MYR and the cost keeps increasing as you increase the level of restaurants you visit.

Transportation costs – The transportation service in Kuala Lumpur is world class and the buses start at just 1 MYR. The subway and monorail tickets cost between 2-35 MYR depending on the distance you are going to travel. If you are going to travel intercity, then a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore will cost around 70 MYR while the flight for the same is somewhere about 200 MYR.

Some important money saving tips

  1. Explore on foot –Places like Chinatown and Little India are in close vicinity to each other and is the place with most number of tourists. You can easily explore them in a day while exploring the same on foot without spending extra money.
  2. Watch out for scams – Be aware of the attractions that do not cost anything but there are always fraudsters around who could charge you for the same.
  3.  Save money on rideshares – If you don’t want to wait for the buses, you can use Uber which is way cheaper than taxis and is probably the best way to go around.

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